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Seasons of Refreshing Info Form

Seasons of Refreshing 2016
April 22-23

Bikers for Change, Starts with me!

"Zion will be restored by justice. Those who repent will be revived by righteousness. But rebels and sinners will be completely destroyed, and those who desert the LORD will be consumed."
Isaiah 1:27,28 (NLT)

Our nation needs a great change. We live in a day filled with violence, confusion and moral decline. As we witness the world around us is self-destructing, we are tempted to feel saddened, afraid, or even angry. We know something needs to be done to radically reroute our failing nation.
The Christian Motorcyclists Association believes the true answer for the ills of our culture is God. Personal coming to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, repenting of our sins and allowing the mercy of God to transform our behaviors is the transformation that will change us an ultimately have the largest impact the world around us. When motorcyclists repent and begin to live humbly and obedient to the Word of God, it changes us: and as more bikers for Change are revived, our country will be changed.

5:00 pm Registration opens
7:00 pm Opening prayer, welcome, announcements, other stuff
7:30 pm Praise & Worship
8:00 pm Wyoming time
8:30 pm Hiram & Sharon: Into to B4C, skit
9:00 pm Close
9:00 am Opening prayer, welcome, leadership introductions
9:30 am Praise & Worship
10:00 am B4C Session 1
11:00 am Break
11:15 am B4C Session 2
12:00 pm Lunch / President’s meeting
1:30 pm Announcements
1:45 pm B4C Session 3
2:30 pm Closing (Clean up, and Pack up Goodies and Hiram)

Karen and I want to extend a personal invitation to attend the Wyoming Seasons of Refreshing 2016.
Ray & Karen Mapel

Bethel First Church
2980 E D ST
Torrington, Wyoming

Mail to: Dan Kluver
2001 Summerfield lane
Gillette, WY. 82718
(Must be postmarked before April 11, 2015)

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